LED Sphere and Totem CES

The Science Project, 5 foot Diameter LED Sphere and Totem, for Sleep Number Booth CES Interactive LED Sphere and Totem by the Science Project, for Sleep Number, and their Booth At CES 2016. Overall Booth Design by JGA. I served as Lighting and Scenic Design Consultant for The Science Project. Responsibilities included sourcing of fabricators, 3D Design and drafting of Totem & Sphere, Design and sourcing of LED Lighting materials, and electronics. Visual Design of LED lighting patterns, and related booth lighting special effects. It made Number 5, in Exhibitor magazine's "The Best of CES" review, out of nearly 4000 booths! See excerpt copy of review here My crew included:Chris Jordan - Technology Project AdvisorJoshua Goldberg - LED Programmer/Interface DesignerLeif Mangelsen- LED Tech Director/LED Installer We worked closely with Joe Silovsky our fabricator,and everyone from The Science…

Supima – Paris Fashion Week

Supima Design Competition Paris Fashion Week The Supima Paris Fashion Week Event at the American Ambassador's Residence. It included Live Drawing with Star calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir working across two iPads simultaneously, superimposed on top of multiple video layers, across three vertical screens, behind the models. In between shows the screens presented additional video, and served as a big interactive Step and Repeat, with guests snapping pics and recording video of themselves, while text shout-outs were written live, across the screens behind them. Creative Direction, and Live Video Direction, as well as technology development, a/v design, and direction of all pre-recorded video - by Paul Clay. https://vimeo.com/143700771

Salomé: Woman of Valor

Salomé: Woman of Valor Workshop performance of a full length Multimedia work in development, presented at DROM in NYC. A radical re-telling of the story of Salomé. Created by Poet/spoken word performer Adeena Karasick and trumpeter/composer Frank London in conjunction with visual designer Paul Clay. Involves Poetry, Music, Dance, and Live Multimedia Video Projections. With percussionist Deep Singh, keyboardist Shai Bachar, and dancer Roni Yaari, with additional visuals by Jim Andrews. Set, Lighting, and Video Creative Direction, including Live Video Direction - by Paul Clay. Video Documentation https://vimeo.com/138413015

Investor Luncheon Video Wall

Investor Luncheon Video Wall for major Fortune 500 Company The Video wall was over 11,000 pixels wide and over 87 feet in length. Paul Clay worked with Plan-It Productions Inc. as a Video Design Consultant, and coordinated with the PR firm conceptualizing the event, along with Worldstage, and other AV and content provider companies. He helped to create 2D and 3D drawings of the installation and to assist in quality control, and successful delivery of complex video and visual presentation resources for the event. Video Design Consultant - Paul Clay

VJ Live Video Mixing Sample

Content Creation through Live Video Mixing Paul Clay - One very small sample of an infinite variety of video projection/ LED Wall content produced by live video mixing, also known as VJing. This involves creating video content in a way similar to the way that jazz music is created. It can be accomplished by improvising live on the spot working with musicians and or DJs to create visuals that happen directly in time to the music playing at the moment, or it can me done in-studio beforehand, and recorded for later playback and use in music videos, projection or LED walls at concerts, music festivals, and more. Brief Doc excerpt https://vimeo.com/116927314

Mark DeGarmo DANCE FOR DANCE Benefit

Live video Mix Design and Direction Paul Clay - Live video Mix Design and Direction, including Logos, Client provided content, Live Camera IMAG, Lower Thirds and VJ Mixing. The annual "Dance for Dance" benefit for Mark DeGarmo & Dancers, who provide outstanding arts education programs in NYC public schools, mainly for student bodies who live under the federal poverty rate. An award for her work in the field of arts and education through the arts is being given to legendary co-founder of The Living Theatre, Judith Malina, now 88 years old and still active as a mentor and educator. The Award is being presented by famed actress Olympia Dukakis. Brief Doc excerpt https://vimeo.com/116449276

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