LED Sphere and Totem CES

LED Sphere and Totem CES

The Science Project, 5 foot Diameter LED Sphere and Totem, for Sleep Number Booth CES

Interactive LED Sphere and Totem by the Science Project, for Sleep Number, and their Booth At CES 2016. Overall Booth Design by JGA. I served as Lighting and Scenic Design Consultant for The Science Project. Responsibilities included sourcing of fabricators, 3D Design and drafting of Totem & Sphere, Design and sourcing of LED Lighting materials, and electronics. Visual Design of LED lighting patterns, and related booth lighting special effects.

It made Number 5, in Exhibitor magazine’s “The Best of CES” review, out of nearly 4000 booths!

See excerpt copy of review here

My crew included:
Chris Jordan – Technology Project Advisor
Joshua Goldberg – LED Programmer/Interface Designer
Leif Mangelsen- LED Tech Director/LED Installer

We worked closely with Joe Silovsky our fabricator,
and everyone from The Science Project to execute.

Science Project people included:
Dave Skaff – Co-Founder, COO
Jane Hansen – Senior Producer
Justin Edwards – Creative Director
Justin Stander – Creative Technologist
Oleg Pashkovsky – Programmer

Design Drawings, BTS Construction, and Photos at CES – Paul Clay


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