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Lighting Design for an Exhibit of Contemporary Art

After The Fall – Emerging contemporary art from East and Central Europe, by artists who were educated at the transitional period between communism and democracy.
September 19, 2010 – July 24, 2011

Notes about the lighting:
HVCCA has a 12,000 sq foot Exhibition Space. I used cusom fixtures from Zumtobel in the Netherlands, combined with chromalux fluorescent tubes, with a Color Rendering Index above 95 (from feature film lighting). I used Daylight 5800° Kelvin Correlated Color temperature for the ambient light, and added Tungsten 3200° Kelvin for the artwork, to bring out the full range of color, and to highlight the works within the backdrop of the space itself.

Notes about the exhibit:
Some of the most impressive new art today, especially in painting and video, is coming from Eastern and Central Europe’s former communist countries. After the Fall attempts to understand how this art differs from art in the West and, more importantly, why artists from this region are making such compelling work at this moment.

Countries included in After the Fall are Croatia (Elvis Krstulovic, Marin Majic, Goran Skofic, Josip Tiric, Zlatan Vehabovic) Czech Republic (Josef Bolf, Daniel Pitin), Hungary (Zsolt Bodoni, Alexander Tinei, Attila Szucs), Latvia (Janis Avotins), Romania (Leonardo Silaghi, Marius Bercea, Adrian Ghenie, Ion Grigorescu, Serban Savu, Ciprian Muresan) and Slovenia (Matija Brumen). This is a heterogeneous political, social, cultural and religious region, each having evolved differently after the fall of their governmental systems.

HVCCA, founded in 2004, focuses on contextualizing current trends in contemporary art. Its exhibits have been highly regarded with visitors coming from around the globe.


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