Creative Time Spring Gala

Multiple Live Video Projections along with motion graphics and pre-edited content as well as Lighting and Scenic Design advising

Paul Clay – VJ / Live Video Projection Design. The design included 3 live video camera feeds, along with custom pre-recorded content.

This year, on May 5th, Creative Time honored Liz Swig, Creative Time board member, passionate arts patron, philanthropist, and collector. With the theme “After Hours”, Creative Time traveled back to the 1980’s nightlife scene.

Paul Clay worked with Creative Time, and John Maroney of Company Agenda, along with Andrew Stevens
and Kim Swift of We Came In Peace, and the founders of the legendary nightclub AREA, Serge Becker, Eric Goode, and Jennifer Goode, paying homage to the groundbreaking nightclub, complete with music by DJ Johnny Dynell.


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