Supima – Paris Fashion Week

Supima Design Competition Paris Fashion Week The Supima Paris Fashion Week Event at the American Ambassador's Residence. It included Live Drawing with Star calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir working across two iPads simultaneously, superimposed on top of multiple video layers, across three vertical screens, behind the models. In between shows the screens presented additional video, and served as a big interactive Step and Repeat, with guests snapping pics and recording video of themselves, while text shout-outs were written live, across the screens behind them. Creative Direction, and Live Video Direction, as well as technology development, a/v design, and direction of all pre-recorded video - by Paul Clay.

Salomé: Woman of Valor

Salomé: Woman of Valor Workshop performance of a full length Multimedia work in development, presented at DROM in NYC. A radical re-telling of the story of Salomé. Created by Poet/spoken word performer Adeena Karasick and trumpeter/composer Frank London in conjunction with visual designer Paul Clay. Involves Poetry, Music, Dance, and Live Multimedia Video Projections. With percussionist Deep Singh, keyboardist Shai Bachar, and dancer Roni Yaari, with additional visuals by Jim Andrews. Set, Lighting, and Video Creative Direction, including Live Video Direction - by Paul Clay. Video Documentation

Investor Luncheon Video Wall

Investor Luncheon Video Wall for major Fortune 500 Company The Video wall was over 11,000 pixels wide and over 87 feet in length. Paul Clay worked with Plan-It Productions Inc. as a Video Design Consultant, and coordinated with the PR firm conceptualizing the event, along with Worldstage, and other AV and content provider companies. He helped to create 2D and 3D drawings of the installation and to assist in quality control, and successful delivery of complex video and visual presentation resources for the event. Video Design Consultant - Paul Clay

Saks 5th Avenue Holiday Windows

An Enchanted Experience, Saks 5th Avenue, Award Winning Holiday Windows - LED Special Effects Lighting Created for Saks by Spaeth Design Inc. LED Special Effects Lighting for Spaeth Design - by Paul Clay. Top Holiday Windows in New York City"An Enchanted Experience" Holiday Windows were honored at the 18th Annual Pave Gala, and took home the Platinum (Top) Prize in the Design: Retail "Winning Windows Awards." These awards are to "distinguish the best in New York City retail design and visual merchandising. VMSD presents awards for Excellence in New York Visual Merchandising and Retail, honoring top holiday windows in NYC. Accepted for Saks by CMO & CCO Mark Briggs. Video Documentation

Bloomingdale’s Holiday Windows

Bloomingdale's Holiday Windows – LED Fireworks Created by Bloomingdale's in conjunction with Spaeth Design Inc. Additional LED Special Effects Lighting, to create animated fireworks for Spaeth Design - by Paul Clay. Video Documentation

Forgetful Snow – Dance

Lighting Design Choreographer Melinda Ring's "Forgetful Snow" at The Kitchen, New York City. A triptych composed of two durational performances and an evening-length dance, Forgetful Snow investigates the transcendent possibilities of body and mind. By day, performers in the installations labor at searching for landscapes, retrieving lost moments of time and archiving the accumulating results. These simple tasks involving the body, video, and language are quietly focused and mysterious. In the evening, the dance is performed without clothing and accompaniment to strip it of layered-on meaning and emotion. Presented instead is an intimate and formally complex choreography with elusive performative demands and textures. Ring’s main collaborators for this project are performers Talya Epstein, Maggie Jones, and Molly Lieber. Additional performers include Lorene Bouboushian, Luke George, and Federico Hewson. Lighting design by Paul Clay. The Lighting Design…

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