DJ Rekha’s Basement Bhangra Lucky 13

Live Video Projections including live filter effects and pre-edited content – Paul Clay

Prsented at the Filmore New York at Irving Plaza. Bringing South Asian beats and culture to western dance floors across America since the 80s and 90s, DJ Rekha continues to make waves on the music scene and remains true to her mission of representing the South Asian culture and showcasing Bhangra beats to the world.

The DJ, who has been featured on reputable networks such as CNN, created a major buzz in 1997 with her conception of the Basement Bhangra party series! This party series merges traditional Bhangra music with latest hip-hop beats. This Thursday the DJ will celebrate 13 years of this famous event with a line-up of popular artists.

Ten years after the conception of Basement Bhangra, DJ Rekha released an album using the name Basement Bhangra again, for fans to party to at home. Up until this day, the first Thursday of every month is dedicated to a banging Basement Bhangra party at NYC’s venue Sounds of Brazil.


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